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And Then There Were Three.

3 cats on sofa

Smeagirl, Zé and Mr. Spock.

The new girl!

This is Smeagirl. She came to us in an awful state: ill, infested with everything imaginable and starving hungry. I don’t know if she followed one of the boys home, or if someone left her for us, but I found her mewling outside our house one day.

This was back in May. We took her in, fed her, nursed her back to health…and then couldn’t let her go!

She’s gorgeous. Such a lovely cat. Zé still isn’t too keen on her, but she and Spock are great friends.


Oh, it’s been so long!

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I’m still getting the odd comment and message (even though I’ve been absent for so long) so I’m here to do a quick update.

We’re all fine. The boys are healthy and happy as always. I’ve been way too busy to blog: new house, new job, new…well, just take a look at what’s in the photo for a clue!!!

Cats in a jungle gym

(My computer died so I lost the font I used to ‘stamp’ my photos. I’ll have to look for it again)

Spock and Zé are enjoying the bigger accommodations here – we’re in a house now, not an apartment. They’re not too sure still of the new guy, but they’re not terrified either. 🙂

Spock is as crazy as ever and Zé is just as odd as he always was. We get less cockroaches here so the bug hunting isn’t as good for them, but there are some flying beetles and frogs (and more frogs and more frogs!) that keep them on their furry little toes.

Wishing a Happy New Year to all! xxx

Something will Appear…


Hi everyone. I’ve had a few emails asking for an update on the boys and/or some new photos. I promise that I will get something new posted on here ASAP…now, where did I put that camera?

One Year Ago…


Exactly one year ago today my husband and I made a spur of the moment decision and went to visit an adoption fair!

There were so many puppies and kittens, of all colours imaginable. I’d guess there were approximately 50 kittens there in total, snuggling in boxes, on tables, in arms…

We said hello to a some, picked up and cuddled a few…but how can you choose from so many?

Then I saw one…a special one…one already being cuddled by someone else!…

…I bided my time…waited until that tiny, pale fur-ball was returned to the table…then I swooped in!

kitten in hand

As soon as I picked that kitten up the decision was made. It crawled to my shoulder and sat there like a purring parrot, completely content. I think we bonded instantly – a year on and his favourite pillow is still my left shoulder!

I wanted to get a companion for the little guy so we went back to the tables to find him a friend. But every kitten that we looked at was female, and I really wanted to get him a brother.

…And so we found Spock (eventually), white socks, huge ears, bright eyes, an obvious rascal! 

bat eared kitten

We signed some papers and set off (kittens held tightly) to find something to transport them home in. We’d assumed that there would be ‘stuff’ at the fair. Some stalls with pet supplies, at least. But it was just a group of shelter volunteers with piles of kittens and puppies. They’d set themselves up in a pick-nick area in a small road-side park. I thought it was a great idea. Getting the animals out of the shelter and into the city centre where passers-by could be tempted (hopefully) into going home with a new friend.

So, across the road we prevailed upon a kindly waitress to let us have a couple of cardboard boxes from a Temaki restaraunt. Zé and Spock came home with us in noodle boxes!

It had been hard to pick just two. Each one I put back tugged at my heart. It’s lucky that I found Zé so early on. If I’d chosen a female cat we’d have been there all day trying to pick out her companion. As it was, Spock was one of the only males we could find.

We could never have known, though, just how brilliantly they would both turn out. We’d picked out two of the funniest, cuddliest, most companionable cats we could have wished for. They still make us laugh every day:

; the cat who bleats like a goat and has to be escorted to his food bowl (he insists! Well, who wants to go to dinner alone?).
Spock; a great conversationalist, chatty, smart and so, so cheeky!

Happy Adoption Day, Boys!

Feline Helpful?


Feline Helpful…FelineFeelin‘… Feeling Helpful?…See what I did there? 😀

cat on laptop

Sometimes my work area gets a little crowded!

Zé is great company when I’m working at home. I have to stop work 2 or 3 times for ‘full’ cuddles, but other than that he’s usually happy to just settle down near me and snooze.

But sometimes Spock and Zé (in fact, Zé especially) both seem to have a knack of knowing exactly where to sit in order to cause the most disruption to my current task.

If I get up for a break then I lose my chair. If I want a drink, Zé parks himself in front of the fridge door. If I want to do some ironing…ok, so no one wants to do ironing, but if I did, this is what I would find… Read more…


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ze sexy eyes

Allure: The quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating.


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spock sexy eyes

Nonchalance: A casual lack of concern.

Yep, that sounds like a cat!