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Zen Master Zé: Introduction to yoga for cats


Zen ZéToday Zé Yoda has agreed to teach us a little about the ancient art of yoga

…cat style.

He will share a few of his preferred positions with us and will try to describe the positive effects that can be gained from the successful completion of each pose.

Spock will attempt to emulate some of the simpler positions so that we can see how achievable cat yoga is for the average moggy.

The Blind Zombie

To begin with Zé shows us one of the classics. This position is known as the ‘Blind Zombie’.

The Blind Zombie

“This is a very positive position, good for promoting a general feeling of well-being.”

Spock tries the ‘Blind Zombie’. It’s a nice, easy position for beginners.

Zombie Spock

The Floating Mermaid

Next, Zé adopts the more advanced ‘Floating Mermaid’ position. Of the ‘Floating Mermaid’ he says “A wonderful position for improving flexibility and neck length.”

The Floating Mermaid

Again, Spock tries to recreate the position as demonstrated by Zé. We can see here that he has managed the neck-tilt and cocked-paw, characteristic of the ‘Floating Mermaid’. Sadly though, Spock’s interpretation lacks the grace of Zé’s example.

The Sinking Mermaid

The Bassist

‘The Bassist’ is a position for those cats who like to rock! Everyone loves a little air guitar and moggies are no exception.

The Bassist

Unfortunately, after the sniggers of the camera crew during his attempt at the ‘Floating Mermaid’, Spock has declined to continue with the session. However, Zé is happy to demonstrate a few more of his favorite yoga positions.

The Rubber Chicken

“This is a position for improving posture and is great for strengthening the spine. The body should be held as straight as possible for the duration of the pose.”

The Rubber Chicken

Advanced Yoga

Zé has consented to show us one position from the advanced yoga category.
Warning: There is a chance of rolling so this one should NOT be attempted by amateurs!

Advanced Yoga

To Finish

Always stretch well at the end of any exercise.


Spock has joined us again to finish as he feels that this part is well within his capabilities.


Again, there is something in Spock’s interpretation of this exercise that lacks the elegance of Zé’s stretch. It is a brave attempt though. Do not feel ashamed if you do not master these lessons straight away. Yoga takes time and patience.

And Finally

Relax. Your work is done.


You should now be feeling like a new cat. Supple, youthful and at peace with your world.

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  1. 10/01/2011 7:17 pm

    This post is fantastic! We love your blog!

    • 11/01/2011 11:29 am

      Thank you so much. This post is my favorite so far!

  2. 17/01/2011 8:55 am

    Hysterical. Brilliant. Beautiful.

    • 17/01/2011 8:39 pm

      Spock practices most days and I’ve started to collect more photos. Hopefully there is a yoga part 2 in the future.


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