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Spock vs. Fly: Behind the scenes


I was so relived yesterday night when I finally got my video on You Tube that I forgot to write ANYTHING on the post. I had a whole post written in my head but I’d run out of patience by the time I got the film online. I take lots of video clips with my camera but I never do anything with them. They just sit in a file on my laptop. This was the first time I ever tried to upload one.

My Movie Maker kept crashing when I tried to save my project so I then used one of my husband’s software programs (I’m lucky that Marcelo’s a graphic designer – he has lots of interesting software on his computer). Then every time I tried to render the film it was either huge or, if I tried to compact the file, lost all quality. I finally rendered as .rm and, as you can see, the film quality is pretty good. So a little tip for anyone who takes video clips with a Sony Cybershot: render as .rm!

Anyway, the post was going to be something like this:

This is my husband, Marcelo’s, first real experience of living with cats. It’s wonderful for me to see him enjoying their antics and laughing at the silly things they do. Of course I laugh too, but I already know what to expect.

Things like the ‘bottom dancing’ in the Spock vs. Fly film, the meerkat impressions, the hiding-behind-a-corner-and-jumping-out-at-you game, the hysterical meowing when a can of tuna is opened, the joy when a morsel of cheese is dropped on the floor; all of these are new to him.

Spock, especially, is a constant source of humor. He’s a real clown of a cat and he loves playing games. He provides at least one good laugh for us a day.

I haven’t turned my husband into a ‘crazy cat man’ yet…but I’m working on it!

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