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I am but a Shadow

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You may wonder what other powers Super Spock possesses. I have actually managed to get photographic evidence of one of them. It was just pure luck, in the right place at the right time, camera in hand.

As you can see Spock is able to merge with his background so well that it appears as if he where not there. James Bond does this with high-tech gadgets…Spock does this using only the skills given to him as a feline!

Prepare to be amazed!

Cat under a cushion
Where am I? Nobody knows!


Please be advised that there is no camera trickery involved; Spock really is this good!

Floor view of cat under a cushion
You do not see me, I am just a shadow.


It is only when we get closer that we can actually pick him out from the background. See how he uses immense concentration to fool the viewer – this is, in fact, a Jedi trick taught to him by Zé Yoda.

Close up
Wait…what do you mean, you can see me?


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  1. 12/03/2011 3:35 pm

    Hoots. Especially that last snap & caption.

    Bugs says to Spock: Yes, I narrow my eyes at your superpowers, bro. But now you’ve pulled that off, wouldn’t you be more comfortable with the cushion *under* you?

    I’m just saying.

    • 12/03/2011 3:50 pm

      You’d think so, but I made this cushion for them months ago and it has been royally snubbed. I used their favorite fabric (large dust cloths, they love them) and stuffed it with used plastic supermarket bags. They love the noise of carrier bags so I thought they’d like jumping on the cushion and making it rustle…but no, of course not. It sits on its own in the corner of the room, just used in the occasional game as an object to hide behind. It has only been slept on or sat on a handfull of times.

      Oh well…I tried! 😦

    • 13/03/2011 1:28 am

      Oh no. I just today bought a little bed for Bugs. Same treatment. I was hoping this might change if he got accustomed. Oh dear no. Not another bunch of wasted $$$.

    • 13/03/2011 12:52 pm

      Fingers crossed. He might surprise you yet!

      (How small will this box get if we keep replying to each other?!)

    • 14/03/2011 2:35 pm

      Let’s see! Ummm — well — right! Got it! Am planning to write | post pics on this subject! Am procrastinating now! Let me get off & do it!

  2. 12/03/2011 5:32 pm

    Spock you are one super sneaky kitty!! You are adorable!

  3. 12/03/2011 7:26 pm

    Secret hidden cat!! My favorite game too!

  4. 19/03/2011 2:33 am

    Thank you, your photos are classic! It makes me miss my boys back in NZ!

    • 19/03/2011 1:45 pm

      Thank you. I know it’s so hard when we have to leave them behind. I miss my old boy in the UK too.

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