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A Pair of Pillow-Pusses


If you can’t find a pillow…improvise!

Cats as pillows

This post is dedicated to my grandmother who passed away recently. In fact, her funeral was only yesterday. It was, of course, in England so I could not attend. I have never felt so far away from home as I did this last week.

But anyway, when I was little my grandmother used to knit, and sometimes she would knit toys for my bother and I. One toy that I always remember with fondness is my Pillow-Puss. A stripy, knitted, limbless cat cushion which I loved. I could not sleep on it as I have always been very sensitive to certain wools (I have to do ‘prickle’ tests before I buy any cardies, scarves etc.), but Pillow-Puss was always present at the side of my bed, in my pile of beloved stuffed animals.

But she wasn’t just a knitter. No indeed, she was the coolest granny on the internet. How many people can say that their grandmother is a Facebooker? She loved playing Scrabble on FB and would beat all of us nearly every time. She was playing right up till the end. In fact, I first realised something must have happened when she didn’t make her next move in our current game (she was, of course, kicking my arse again!). I found out that morning that she had died suddenly, without warning, without for-knowledge of what was about to happen…and most importantly, without pain. If only we could all be so lucky at the end.

The reason that I am dedicating this particular post to my granny is because the name of that toy has really stuck with me. Whenever I put my head on a cat, or see cats cuddling like Spock and Zé in the above picture, the first word that pops into my head is ‘Pillow-Puss’. And I use it so naturally, as if it is something that everyone says. So, Gran-ellie, I thank you for all the memories, this one and many more.

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  1. Helen Kitching permalink
    16/03/2011 5:09 pm

    Lovely sentiments Ellie. Gran-ellie had a wonderful send off with a church full of friends and family but we did miss you so much! I like the Freudian slip – ‘my bother and I’ or is it just a typo? Much love, Mum.

    • 16/03/2011 5:44 pm

      Hahahaha, it is a fantastic typo! But I’ll leave it as it is for the amusement factor! 🙂
      Well, maybe it was a Freudian slip…as you know very well, we didn’t/don’t always get along peacefully!

  2. 16/03/2011 8:51 pm

    Oh Eleanor I am so deeply sorry! Your Grandmother sounded like such an amazing and feisty person (my kind of people!!!)

    I am so sorry. I am so glad she experienced no pain but the suddenness of it makes it that much more devastating for you.

    This post was so beautiful, such a wonderful tribute. She would be so proud.

    • 16/03/2011 9:59 pm

      Thank you so much Caren. She really was a special lady. It was such a shock to everyone to lose her so suddenly. But as my mother said at the time, ‘She died as she lived – with dignity and efficiency.’

  3. 17/03/2011 12:24 am

    🙂 Really nice homage

  4. 17/03/2011 5:20 pm

    We’re sorry to hear about your grandmother’s passing. Good thing these cute little cuddlers will be there to support you.

    • 17/03/2011 8:35 pm

      Yes, they’ve been very supportive. Unconditional-cat-love is a marvelous thing! And they clown around so much that it’s hard to remain upset for long in their presence. Cats are great therapists!


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