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Fun in the Sand Pit


I don’t really mind cleaning out the litter tray (I like to refer to it as ‘playing in the sand pit’), but sometimes it’s really not an easy task!

Litter tray cat cartoon


It always ends in one of four ways (3 pictured here). The fourth is one that EVERY cat owner will be familiar with. Those instances when the beasts sit and wait, watch you, plan, and as soon as you have finished they jump in and start again. Leaving you to stand and wait until they have finished so that you can re-clean the tray…over and over again!

[Edit: I just realised that this is my 50th post!]

I don’t really mind cleaning out the litter tray (I like to refer to it as ‘playing in the sand pit’), but sometimes it’s really not an easy task!
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  1. 25/03/2011 5:38 pm

    ha! With 13 cats, the poop is endless. We use a garden rake in the giant litterboxes!

    • 25/03/2011 5:58 pm

      I have enough of a job cleaning up after just two. I hadn’t thought how you must cope with your pack of poop generators!

  2. 25/03/2011 5:45 pm

    The mind boggles. 13? Have you thought about a back-hoe?

    But back to BWhisk — why IS that, that they — perform, produce — like that? Are they proud of their accomplishment? Look, mum, look what I can do! Nice kitty, nice kit —

    Oh no. You too?

    • 25/03/2011 6:04 pm

      Yes, they do sometimes look very pleased with themselves. But I think in Spock’s case it’s just that he likes a nice clean tray to do his business. The thing that makes more work for me is when I’ve tipped all the good litter to one side to get the clumped up pee from the bottom and Spock then comes and ‘helps’ by raking it back over while I’m frantically trying to speed-scoop.

      Oh, and ‘Dalai, dude!’ You had me in stiches again!

  3. lifewith4cats permalink
    25/03/2011 8:13 pm

    The pony ride is scary because then you have to move real carefull or else youll get holes in the shirt or worse. 🙂

    • 25/03/2011 10:15 pm

      Yes, very carefully! I’ve had gouges down my back from unbalanced passengers. I have to shuffle around until I can find a surface to coax/tip them onto.

  4. lifewith4cats permalink
    26/03/2011 5:11 am

    I cant leave comments on your about page? Ill have to leave it here then. (even though its a bit off topic) Drum roll please……….
    Anouncing Alifebewiskered has won this award! YAY!!! Go here to claim it.

    • 26/03/2011 11:40 am

      Oooooh, thank you! Yey, my first award. The stylish one? I must say I have coveted that award for some time! 🙂

  5. 27/03/2011 6:56 am

    Congrats on your 50th post. Cute post. 🙂

    • 27/03/2011 3:46 pm

      Thank you. Making this cartoon really amused me.

  6. 27/03/2011 4:17 pm

    Cute cartoon! IT made me laugh!

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