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An Award and a Milestone (nearly!)


It’s been a great couple of days for me, blog wise. Yesterday I was just 2 hits away from getting 100 page views in one one day. It’s the closest I have got to that milestone of blogging (well, it seems a milestone to me). I have made some wonderful new friends, you’ve probably noticed some new faces appearing in my comments section. And then today I find that I have been given an award!

stylish blogger awardHere it is!

Thank you so much to lifewith4cats for giving me this lovely award. Her blog is very popular and I’m sure she reads a lot of other blogs so I’m very honoured that I am one of the people she has chosen to give this to.

In accepting it I have to do 3 things: Share 7 facts about myself (things you probably wouldn’t already know), pass this award on to 7 more bloggers and link to those award recipients.

Ok, so…things about me:

  • 1, Since moving to Brazil I have developed a taste for pumpkin, something I never really ate in the UK. I now can’t get  enough of the stuff. It tastes great and for some reason eating orange food just seems fun!
  • 2, My favorite comfort food used to be mild curry flavour Super Noodles with…(and this is a lot nicer than it sounds)  cottage cheese piled on the top! It’s good, trust me. Sadly, this brand of instant noodle doesn’t exist here. I have to buy legume flavor and add my own curry powder – it’s not the same but it’s as close as I’ll get it.
  • 3, I ADORE crisps. Potatoes, maize, parsnips, corn…all good when turned into crisps. I am like the Cookie Monster of crisps. You would be amazed at the speed I can make them vanish. It’s just like magic!
  • 4, My favorite juice is mango. The best is from a fastfood chain here called Habibs. (Ok, enough about food now.)
  • 5, My favorite Care Bear was Bedtime Bear.
  • 6, My earliest memory is of watching an animated film called Mole Goes to Town. A cartoon from Czechoslovakia (as it was then). They have lots of the shorter episodes on You Tube now. Here’s a link – trust me, they are wonderful!
  • 7, I take my coffee black with 1 sugar. Except when I pass a Starbucks (which don’t exist here!) and feel a desperate need for a white chocolate mocha with whipped cream! 😀

And who to pass this award to?

I’d have sent it to catself and lifewith4cats but it has come from one and been passed to the other already. I want to spread the love, but in spirit you have both received this again!

  • 1, The Normal Couple A very new blog, but promising to be very  interesting. She has a really nice writing style. Also, the layout and header image are very clean and stylish.
  • 2, Current Instincts Here’s to the peeps at Current Instincts. Keeping us all up to date on the news and giving us a daily dose of smiles.
  • 3, Mr Mews Cat Detective He’s a cat AND a detective. Now, I don’t think I’ve ever left a comment there so sending him this is going to be a bit out of the blue. I do enjoy reading about him though so I hope that he accepts this award for being a very stylish detective.
  • 4, Not a Crazy Cat Lady A great looking blog with wonderful content. Her cattoons are wonderful and her stories are very entertaining.
  • 5, Awaiting Angel A blog about 2 cats…awaiting their new friend. Scan down to the post called ‘Awaiting Ramiel’ for some lovely pictures of the new kitten.
  • 6, Pawprints on My Heart A great blog with some lovely cats and dogs (see, I haven’t left out dogs completely). Check out the photos in the ‘Come Meet the Family’ page.
  • 7, My hoosband! This is one of his blogs (an older one and not added to a lot anymore, but it has some bits in English). He’s a graphic designer so his blog SHOULD be stylish…and I think it is. He is also a musician and a radio presenter (multi-talented, yes?). If you’d like to listen to his weekly radio show (Lado C) there is a link to the podcasts in my sidebar.
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  1. 26/03/2011 4:14 pm

    Oh yip yip yay, Eleanor. 100 views???? That is just awesome!!!

    And I, CatSelf, am just so chuffed to be named here. In SUCH company! Wow. Thank you.

    I don’t deserve it. I am so dense. I followed 4Cats’ link and *thought* it led me to her post about — ahem — well, toilets. So I just cracked wise and moved on with my day. Could I have been mistaken? (as if) I did wonder. . . . Oh this a shame. I can’t figure out login, I get to toilet humor instead of honor . . . . I need help. If life becomes wonderful and smacks me upside the head, I’m still lost and confused! People, my world. Welcome to it.

    • 26/03/2011 4:37 pm

      Ah! I saw your toilet comment and was completely baffled so I just stayed quiet. I didn’t like to question your sanity, but you had me wondering. Then I thought that *I* was the one being dense, I was obviously too dim-witted to get the clever toilet joke…so I still remained quite. But now you have provided the answer to the mystery. Thank you!

    • 26/03/2011 6:26 pm

      AND — it’s even weirder! if possible. Check out 4Cats’s comment about “it all comes out in the end”! Crazy! As my dad used say: Who’s writing this script?

      Life imitating art!

  2. 26/03/2011 4:52 pm

    ConCats on your award! I follow some of the blogs you mention, and added Not a Crazy Cat Lady! That is hilarious!

    • 26/03/2011 5:30 pm

      She’s great, isn’t she. I look forward to seeing her cattoons every day. Some have had me in stitches.

  3. 26/03/2011 5:50 pm

    Congratulations on the award and thank you so very much for passing it on to me! And as the number one too! I feel honoured.

    And of course I will do my duty and pass it on too. But I am about to go out so I’ll do that tomorrow (it’s gonna be a loong night ^^).

    Thank you again! ❤

  4. 26/03/2011 6:01 pm

    1. Congrats to you! 🙂
    2. Thank you so much! I’m honored and glad that you are enjoying my craziness.

  5. 26/03/2011 7:03 pm

    @kiwikar & @notacrazycatlady – You’re both very welcome, it was my pleasure to pass it on 🙂

  6. 31/03/2011 4:43 am

    Thank You for passing the award onto us here at Templemoyle – sorry its been a few days since I came by to collect it but life has been pretty hectic of late.

    I must check out the other blogs in your list as I haven’t seen any of those before.

    Thanks again,

    • 31/03/2011 11:58 am

      Hi there Dee, it’s no problem. I know it’s actually quite time consuming to think of the 7 things etc and type the post up. It took me a lot longer than I’d expected when I did it. And yes, do check out the other blogs. I tried to get an interesting mix – hopefully you’ll find something there that appeals to you.

  7. 13/07/2011 2:13 pm

    Eleonor, I can’t believe you have blogged about mole goes to town! That is my first memory of a cartoon as well but I can’t find anything out about it on the Internet!

    I didn’t know it was a Czech film as they only spoke in gibberish but it make sense now.

    I can just picture them bouncing around on the blow-up forest in that room … 🙂

    Thanks – that really cheered me up!!!

    • 13/07/2011 6:57 pm

      Yes, all of them bouncing around in the blow-up forest…until that unforunate corkscrew incident 😦

      It was such a great cartoon. I watched it over and over again when I was little. I only found out that it was Czech when I went to the Czech Republic on a college exchange trip (a fair few years ago now) and saw loads of mole merchandise. He was everywhere. I bought a plush mole hand puppet – I couldn’t resist!

      It’s great to hear from another mole fan. Did you also see Mole in a Dream?


  1. We won an award! And now we’re passing it along. « Current Instincts

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