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Quick, Catch that Cat


If you’ve ever tried to corner a cat you will appreciate this game.

Circle the Cat

Beware though, it’s very addictive!

(Not a very visually exciting post today, I’ll admit, but I wanted to share this game with you.)

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  1. lifewith4cats permalink
    30/03/2011 4:28 pm

    A game to frustrate me. Has anyone ever won it? Im gonna try again later when I have more time. Thats a fast cat!! But the wierd part is: when the cat escapes and jumps off the page, a part of me goes: Yay kitty!!! Run free!!!!

    • 30/03/2011 5:12 pm

      I’ve only managed to do it once so far and that was on my second go. I though, ‘Oh, this is easy!’ but I haven’t managed to catch it since 😦

      I’m going to look at it your way from now on. If I lose then the cat wins, so ‘Yey!’

  2. 31/03/2011 4:08 pm

    Ha! I caught her on my second try too!

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