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Mr Magpie


spock with toy

What have you found there, Mr Spock?

cat with toy

Ah, a plastic ring!

squirreled away

Put away in a safe place. Good chap.

howdy fella

Don’t worry Spock, I didn’t see where you hid it. *wink wink*

slinky hunter

Another one! Go get it!

Spock is something of a magpie. All interesting objects are squirreled away in his hidey-holes. He has his ‘special place of the day’ and all objects are gathered there for safe keeping. On this day it was a spot behind the box. Last week it was a hidden corner of the living room. Sometimes it’s a spot in the kitchen. He’s a very neat and organised little chap.

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  1. 24/04/2011 4:02 pm

    he seems to be part dog….BOL!!

    • 24/04/2011 4:31 pm

      Yes, I’m sure he thinks he is. He also likes to run around with things in his mouth just like a dog with a stick.

  2. 24/04/2011 5:28 pm

    What a funny guy! He must be a hoot to live with! Our Johhny has to drag his toys in bed each night and give them to his Dad, sometimes we wake up with a dozen toys.

    • 24/04/2011 5:35 pm

      Funny creatures aren’t they. Spock doesn’t bring things to me – I think he doesn’t wants to share his ‘treasures’.

  3. Sara permalink
    25/04/2011 8:10 pm

    I love that look he gives you near the end. I suppose the green plastic tab will be next? Hes a cutey with his mis-matched socks.

    • 25/04/2011 8:21 pm

      The green one was actually his favorite. Sadly, I had to bin it today. I don’t like leaving them out when they start to fall apart incase he swallows a bit.

      I love his one long sock.

  4. 26/04/2011 12:41 pm

    I have a magpie, too. Except, when he hides his favorite things, sometimes we can’t find them. He used to have a fluffy squirrel toy that he LOVED. Carried it around everywhere. He would even put it in the dirty clothes bin when he wanted it washed. Then one day, he just went missing. POOF, right into thin air. We still don’t know what happened to Squirrel…and we’ve never found a toy that he loved as much. I’m beginning to wonder where we’ll find him…and it probably won’t be until the day we move!

    • 26/04/2011 4:49 pm

      And what will you find with him? Probably every little thing that you have ever lost (and maybe not even realised) will turn out to be in that same place – A time capsule of bits and bods lost over the years. The day you discover this hiding place will be a day filled with wonder and joy.

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