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I’ve been curious about the cats’ ancestry since their markings really started to come out. Zé was nearly completely white when we got him. He only had colour on his points. Now he has beautiful subtle markings all over him.

more ze tummy spots
Zen Master Zé practicing his cat yoga. Look…there’s the ‘paw of power’!

A fellow WP blogger has a cat that looks amazingly similar to Zé. Click here so see some pictures – look at that gorgeous face! Chun’s a lynx-point Siamese and Zé’s face, ears,  legs and tail are nearly exactly the same. So it’s obvious that he must be a lynx-point something. The only difference between him and Chun is in the body markings. Unlike Chun, Zé has light spots on his torso and dark grey/chocolate spots on his belly. I had put this down to him being crossed with a moggy.

Then someone suggested that Spock may be part Bengal (due to his markings and general chattiness). I was curious so I did a search for Bengals and I found…Zé’s relatives! Have a look at these beautiful Snow Spotted Bengals:

2 bengal bellies

Left: Zé, Right: Photo credit hapatxn from Flickr

Angelglow Slim Shadie & Tiger Lily (2nd cat down)

CH Avenir Mardi Gras of BelRouge (3rd row of pictures)

Bengal Belly Spots (hapatxn -Flickr)

Bengal Kittens

The Snow Spotted Bengals DO come in Lynx Point! Some Bengals have rosettes and some have spots, but they all have the stripy legs and faces, ringed tail and dark under-paws. So I think I may have a couple of Bengal cross breeds here. Spock has the temperament and a suggestion of the markings (dark spotty body with striped legs, tail, face) and Zé really looks like a fuzzy-furred Snow Spotted Bengal, though without what sounds to be the usual Bengal temperament. Spock’s personality fits the bill perfectly, though. This description is pretty spot on.

spotty cat belly

I can't go on...I'm so

What do you think? Am I right? Does anyone know about Bengals?

[I didn’t post photos from any of the sites as I didn’t want to upset anyone re. copyright. If any of the sites I linked to see this and would not mind me using one of their photos, please drop me a line. Thank you.]

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  1. 21/06/2011 12:04 pm

    What EYE think is: GORGEOUS. I’m omitting to mention the ‘nads on purpose. (R.I.P.) I believe they speak, or spoke that is, for themselves.

  2. 21/06/2011 1:33 pm

    Your cat looks a lot like one of mine, except his markings are dark grey instead of brown, but he has the same little spotted belly. Does yours have huge green eyes?

    You might be interested in checking out this chart. I found one of my cats on it, but the cat I described as like yours above was a little harder to nail.

    • 21/06/2011 2:57 pm

      Spock (the dark one) has huge, round greenish-gold eyes. Zé (the light one) has sexy, slanted bright blue eyes.

      That chart looks amazing. I’ll have to go and study it closely.

  3. 21/06/2011 1:34 pm

    Please check out my friend Deb Barnes who owns a number of Bengals!!!!! her website is

    She is the BENGAL QUEEN!!! She is also going to be publishing a book featuring them…….

    She would know for sure!
    Please tell her that I sent you!

    • 21/06/2011 3:02 pm

      Oh, great, thank you. I’ll see what she thinks. She definitely sounds like the lady to ask.

  4. 21/06/2011 2:08 pm

    I didn’t know there were lynx-point Bengals too. How beautiful! Chun has some spots on his belly but they are much messier than Ze’s. I’ll have to try and get a picture of them.

    • 21/06/2011 3:14 pm

      I had no idea either. I know nothing about Bengals at all. You can imagine my surprise when I found all those Zé-a-likes online. I’d been looking for similarities between Bengals and Spock, not Zé.

    • 21/06/2011 10:45 pm

      My mother has two Bengals. They’re golden brown in color. They’re so sleek and silky. One of the distinguishing characteristics of Bengals (so I’ve been told) is their fur. Apparently it is hypoallergenic, which is one reason my mother chose Bengals.

    • 22/06/2011 8:35 am

      Hypoallergenic, really? That wasn’t mentioned on any of the sites I read. I’ll have to read a bit more. Maybe the sort, sliky coats (like Spock’s) are better for people with allergies(?). My husband is allergic to cats! But I think it’s the dander and saliva, not the fur itself, that he’s allergic to.

  5. 21/06/2011 4:38 pm

    No matter their ancestry, you have a pair of VERY handsome boys! (Especially without the pants, they detracted from the look.) My May Ling is some sort of tortie point siamese; she certainly has the siamese chatty gene! I can see bengal in your boys easily.

    • 21/06/2011 10:10 pm

      I love chatty cats. It’s so much fun talking with them and Spock talks all the time. He burbles and chirps nearly constantly when he’s mooching about.

  6. lifewith4cats permalink
    21/06/2011 10:59 pm

    I can only say, they are two very classy handsome kits. And I think your definitly onto something there!

    • 22/06/2011 8:42 am

      I don’t know why your comments are suddenly being held in the moderation queue, you should be more than approved by now!

      They are handsome! And of course it doesn’t really matter to me what breed they came from, but Zé’s beautiful markings got me curious. I’d never seen a cat quite like him.

  7. Anna permalink
    23/06/2011 3:22 am

    Feel free to use my “Bengal Belly Spots” photo! -hapatxn from Flickr

  8. 26/06/2011 6:54 pm

    There might be Bengal in his blood, but spots aren’t unique to that breed. The Ocicat breed was ‘discovered’ when the breeder was mixing Abyssinian and Siamese to get an Aby-point. Instead, one kitten was spotted all over like an ocelot, hence the name.

    Its possible that a similar interaction between his colorpoint and tabby genes have turned his solid stripes into dotted lines.

    I read that description of the Bengal, and it fits my cat Julius pretty well. He’s a semi-long haired tabby, though. All of those temprement genes that are expressed in the Bengal are also in the cat general population, except the few they might have inherited from the wild bloodlines.

    • 26/06/2011 8:08 pm

      Yes, they could just be a jumble of all sorts, but some of those snow spotted bengals look so like Zé that it makes me wonder. Either way, I love them both to bits. It makes no difference to me what breed their grandsires may have been.

  9. Jia permalink
    09/01/2012 12:05 am

    I have a seal lynx point bengal. 🙂 I agree with Oldcat; yours could have bengal blood but other breeds do have spots as well. Even a broken tabby pattern can look like spots. Either way, your kitties are gorgeous.

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